Crime Watch Program
-- Town Creek Residents! 


As of January of 2023, our Crime Watch program became available to Town Creek residents ONLY. In past years, there were compelling reasons to include other neighborhoods in our program. Times change, neighborhoods change, crime patterns change, and we needed to change, too. 


Benefits include:

  • All scheduled patrols will be in Town Creek only
  • All memberships will be Town Creek residents only
  • Optimized patrol hours to match OUR Town Creek crime patterns only
  • Improved communications with our officers utilizing our new web-based membership software
  • Push Alerts! via our new Mobile App
  • A proprietary mobile phone number (voice mail & text access) 
  • Extra patrol attention to your home while you are away traveling
  • Response times of only a few minutes -- when our officers are on duty (always call 911 first)
  • Timely assistance for emergencies.
  • Monthly crime summaries.
  • Investigation of suspicious persons 
  • Investigation of unknown parked vehicles
  • Crime Watch yard signage
  • Open garage door alerts
  • Add the patrol cell phone number to your “call” list for your home security system.
  • Officer assistance to complete and file official DPD crime reports.

Remember: Crime Watch dues pay for off-duty Dallas police officers to patrol our streets and alleys in a DPD squad car.  These officers are armed and can make arrests and issue citations. They patrol both in the marked car and on foot at various hours during the week.


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