Crime Watch Program

Focusing on the Safety of
Town Creek Residents

Since 2005

In the past years our Crime Watch program has been shared with two neighborhoods to our north, Forest Meadow and Oak Trail Villas.  When this partnership was initiated on or about 2005, there were compelling reasons to join together:

  • Violent crime was a significant concern
  • Crime was spreading from the high density housing along Forest Lane and Whitehurst
  • Both Forest Meadow and Oak Trail Villas promised aggressive membership recruitment efforts to match Town Creek member support
  • Overall, more members would result in more patrol hours and all three neighborhoods would benefit

Changing Times

However, times change, crime patterns change and we needed to change, too.  Our environment now is significantly different than it was in 2005 or even at the start of COVID.  Now:

  • Violent crime is a big issue in parts of Dallas but not in Town Creek.
  • Our last violent crime was over two years ago. 
  • Our primary crime issues now are property “crimes of opportunity” (e.g., unlocked cars, etc.)
  • Decreased crime along Whitehurst
  • Creation of Lake Highlands Public Improvement District ("PID") to hold apartment property managers accountable
  • Decreased membership purchases from Forest Meadow and Oak Trail Villas

IMPROVEMENTS Effective as of 2023

The Crime Watch Advisory Committee made a proposal to our HOA Board of Directors, who approved unanimously, to refocus our Crime Watch Program on Town Creek residents only: 

  • Effective in January of 2023, all memberships became Town Creek residents only
  • All ENP Crime Watch patrols will be in Town Creek only
  • Optimization of patrol hours to match crime patterns in Town Creek only (e.g., increase deep night hours to address property "crimes of opportunity")
  • Improved membership management through a New Town Creek Website
  • Improved communications with neighbors and patrol officers using new software
  • Improved accountability

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