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("Volunteers In Patrol")


Accolades to our neighbor, Joey Stewart, for revitalizing the post-Covid Town Creek VIP Program which is up and running again! Do you have an hour or so to spare each month? The program is actively seeking new patrollers to join the program.



All candidates must fill out an application and waiver, and submit via email, regular mail or drop-off to:

Dallas Police Department

Northeast Division

9915 E Northwest HWY

Dallas, TX 75238   

For more information, contact any of the following:

Joey Stewart (

Officer Amber Oliver (

Officer Bervin Smith (    

 What is VIP (Volunteers In Patrol)?

An organization of concerned citizens working together to reduce crime in their neighborhood. The purpose is to provide a visible presence in the neighborhood as a deterrent to criminal activity, along with reporting illegal or suspicious activities to the police. This program allows citizens to take an active role in crime prevention by becoming the eyes and ears of the neighborhood. 


Benefits of VIP

  • Establish relationships with neighbors and pride in the neighborhood
  • Reduce crime
  • Neighborhood pride in taking responsibility for reduction of crime
  • Develops a positive relationship with DPD
  • Creates a safer environment and a better quality of life in the neighborhood
  • Sends a message that the neighborhood is alert, aware and will not tolerate criminal activity


The VIP "Operations" include:

  • A non-confrontational neighborhood program designed to reduce crime through a cooperation between citizens and the Dallas Police Department (DPD)
  • Citizens volunteering their time and driving their own vehicles to patrol their neighborhoods
  • Volunteers receive 4-hours training provided by DPD on recognizing suspicious activity and how to report it. 

VIP "Qualification" Requirements include:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Have a Social Security card
  • Valid Texas driver's license and proof of liability insurance
  • Member of an established crime watch or homeowners group
  • Pass a background check
  • Never been convicted of a felony
  • No misdemeanor A or B convictions in the last 5 years
  • No DWI convictions in the last 10 years
  • Must not have any outstanding tickets or warrants
  • Complete an application before attending the required training class
  • Sign a liability waiver
  • Permit your picture to be taken the day of training for the VIP ID card

VIP "Patrol" Requirements include:

  • VIP trained patrollers must ride at least two to a vehicle
  • Vehicles must have VIP magnetic signs on the front doors and "Patrol" sign on back trunk of vehicle during patrol shifts
  • Patrollers should carry a fully charged cell phne while on patrol
  • Patrollers must observe all traffic laws while on patrol
  • Patrollers cannot carry concealed weapon while on patrol
  • Patrollers cannot consume alcoholic beverages or illegal substances while participating in the VIP program
  • Patrollers are NOT POLIC OFFICERS and cannot identify themselves as such
  • Patrols are NON-CONFRONTATIONAL and patrollers should call 911 if they observe any suspicious or criminal activity


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